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Most active worldwide list of Battlefield teams by location. Search for all PSN, Xbox and PC gaming clans to join or organize competitive matches. Add your site to recruit new players!

Mad 4 Destruction

M4D Gaming is an international multi-gaming community based in North America. We currently have 2 BF4 servers and a public TS3. We're looking for mature (18+) players to join us in BF3 and BF4!

    =US= Unknown Soldiers

=US= Unknown Soldiers is a NA based clan. If you think you may enjoy a realism clan, check us out!**** Unknown Soldiers, Founded in 2004, is a dedicated Battlefield clan with over 80 international members from Europe, Canada, and the United States....

TAW (AUS/NZ, EU & NA Regions)

The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a global gaming community that has separate BF4 battalions for AUS/NZ, EU & NA regions. We also have a separate NA competition battalion. Age limit: 15+ Requirements: Mic & TS3. Website: TAW.net

Team Europe - UK BF4 PC Clan

Team Europe is a dedicated European Battlefield PC adult gaming community. We don't bloat our ranks with members who play other games. Battlefield always comes first here. Join us and be with a family of friends you can always count on.

Category Euro PC Clans
Lucky Shot Gaming

LSG is a laid back European PC clan committed to having fun and playing games. Combine awesome members, a handful of rules, and a simple, intuitive structure - you get LSG. Rank up, earn awards, and get involved with clan activities without the stress...

Category Euro PC Clans
UK1 Clan

"32 Player Mixed Mode Server" "" UK1 - **BEER + PORN + AWESOME MAPS** Oblit/Conq. COME HAVE SOME FUN!!! ----- UK1 are a casual gaming clan with a relaxed attitude, made up of likeminded individuals. More than anything we value...

Category Euro PC Clans
(DGNS) Dirtyguns

We are a mature group of PC gaming enthusiasts specializing in first person shooters. Based upon the fundamentals of having fun and good games with good friends. We collectively support this site, various dedicated servers, and a Teamspeak 3 server....

[LEVO] Levolution

We are a mature group of friends who enjoy gaming on many levels. We like to be competitive while still having fun. We have game servers as well as teamspeak, and we are always looking for a few more friends to hang with...join us today..and happy...

Warhawks clan

We are a multi-game clan founded from our love of Battlefield 2. Battlefield 4 is now our main focus with a busy server and a lively fun attitude. 18+ only teamspeak is a requirement. Recruiting worldwide. www.warhawksclan.com

The Old Gits Army

The Old Gits Army - TOGA, a multinational gaming society, was founded in 2009 in UK. Though TOGA is a UK based clan, we have lots of members in Continental Europe, Scandinavia and also on the other side of the pond. We welcome all the +21 gamers to...

Category Euro PC Clans

Urban Pirates-UP-Community. We are active adult BF4 gaming clan and recruiting members age 18+. You can apply to us in our forums. Servers: search 'UP-Community'-Join us today before it's too late! We have 3 BF4 servers. UP-Community 1, 2 and 3.

Category Euro PC Clans
{=FSC=} Fun Sniper Clan

Wir sind ein Multigaming Funclan, der seit 2006 besteht und in erster Linie Spaß am gamen hat. Über Besuch und neuen Memberzuwachs (ab 21) würden wir uns natürlich freuen :)

Category Euro PC Clans
[ViA] Virtue - In - Arms

We are a dedicated group of European PC Gamers who concentrate on the Battlefield series of games; currently Battlefield 4. We focus strongly on squad play and team work! [ViA] are happy to receive recruitment applications. We play daily and take on...

Category Euro PC Clans
The Knights of [b0oz]

Work hard play hard.

Category Oceania PC Clans

Smart Gameplay - Team Based Ethic -Mature Outlook-

Category Oceania PC Clans
Special Infantry Licensed Killers

We are a lively bunch that have been playing Battlefield series as a squad since Battlefield 2142. We play as a squad and we die as a squad. We play on a competitive level but we keep it as relaxed as possible. Visit www.silkclan.com

Category Euro PC Clans
Couch Potato Gamers

We are a casual group of gamers who enjoy the escape from life that gaming allows us to have. While we all may have families, work, chores, school, or any other "real-life" obligations we understand that gaming can be that outlet you may need. ...

[HR] Heavy Resistance

A BF3, BF4, and BF Hardline clan on Xbox One and 360. With over 350 members we have a very active community, and with 7 BF4 servers we keep busy.

United Armed Forces

Our clan was founded back in 2001, and we have been playing Battlefield since BF1942. UAF is a small clan composed of members from across Europe and the Americas. We enjoy both tactical and casual matches. We host our own events, like jeep races, EOD...


We are an all Dutch Clan, playing mainly FPS-games since 1942! Our members form a small and friendly group of gamers, nerds, weirdo's and other freaks of nature. Besides playing BF4 we tend to have fun with pretty much any other game. Sometimes in...

Category Euro PC Clans
Tridents (TRID)

Tridents - ...I alone am a spear. When together we are Trident. Battlefield 4 Clan seeking new members to help build community! Casual or competitive! We are seeking new members for Battlefield 4 on both PS3 and PS4! Also seeking members for...

Sneaky Old Bastards

A clan for mature gamers looking for a good time without the drama

Reloaded Zone |Rz|

We are a PS3 and PS4 only clan. 18+ players. We are now recruiting, looking for active gamers, responsable men and women. Our clan is about seriousness, commitment to the game, the people, and of course the clan. Be very welcome.

United Legion

Battlefield 4 Clan on PS4 - We are a Battlefield clan/community of like-minded gamers who come from all walks of life, from all around the world. Never play online on your own again!

Category Euro PSN Clans
The Tac Team

We are an international clan dedicated to tactics, communication and having a good time! We offer casual and competitive gaming in a Respectful, friendly,safe and secure environment that caters to all age groups.

Category Euro PC Clans
Alpha Rangers Elite [ARE]

PS3 & PS4 Playing Battlefield the way it was meant to be played. A very unique team of battlefielders. We are the place for casual and competitive gamers alike. Bringing a professional approach to the way we run, organize, and maintain this successful...

Dutch Wolfpack [NLwp]

Dutch Wolfpack [NLwp] is een Nederlandstalige, Battlefield 4 Clan, voor de XBOX-360. We spelen alleen met volwassen (18+) spelers en spelen vooral voor de fun. We hebben een eigen site (www.dutchwolfpack.enjin.com), twee eigen servers, een...

Category Euro Xbox Clans